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Douwe Eisenga
1961 -
The Netherlands
D. Eisenga
Douwe Eisenga (25/12/1961), a Dutch composer, born in Apeldoorn. He wrote as an autodidact music for the theatre and film. He studied composition with Julius Ament en Wim Dirriwachter at the Groningen conservatory. In his music he uses a lot of different genres: classic, pop, jazz, etc.
Source:booklet cd Requiem 1953 ZNF 2003-1
Requiem 1953
Period:21st century
Composed in:2003
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass, Christopher Levenson, Vasili Zjoekovski, Hieronymus Savonarola
In memory of:victims of the inundation in the south west of Holland in 1953
Label(s):ZNF 2003-1
Written in memory of the victims of the inundation in the south west of Holland in 1953. 1845 people drowned in the flood.
The texts are taken from the Latin Mass for the death, Sea-elegy of Vasili Zjoekovski (also: Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovski / Zjukovski) (1783 - 1852), poems of Hieronymus (Girolamo) Savonarola (1452 - 1498) and from The Flood - Zeeland 1953 of the Canadian rescuer Christopher Levenson (1934). The texts are in Latin, English and Spanish.
It contains:
1. Intro´tus
2. Abyssus Misericordea
3. The Village
4. Nubes Oscuras
5. Alle Summer Long
6. Kyrie / Lux Aeterna
7. Like a promise
8. Libera me
9. Requiem Aeternam
Source:booklet of cd Requiem 1953 ZNF 2003-1
Picture Picture Picture
V.A. Zhukovski (text) Ch. Levenson (text) H. Savonarola (text)