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Eveline Andreani
c.1960 -
E. Andreani
Eveline Andreani (ca.1960) a female French composer.
Requiem Corse - Missa defunctorum
Composed in:1994
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Mandala MAN 4912
This is a most unconventional requiem mass, but also a most telling one, which feels rooted in history and the traditions of the impenetrable past. The composer has used both traditional vocal forms and inflections, and traditional instruments, of Corsica. The juxtaposition of the Latin mass with these unmistakable - and unmistakably Eastern-inflected - folk elements renews attention to the meaning of the mass for the dead - a solemn event full of mystery and an uncertain hope, eschewing the Romantic depictions of the apocalypse and confident expectation of the power of the church; this is a more primitive interpretation, with the suggestion of an unsophisticated society in which death was a more personal concept. Which is to say, of course, that Andréani has succeeded in recreating this scenario with the utmost skill and sophistication.
Don't confuse this requiem with the Corsican requiem, written in the 18th century, composer(s) unknown.
This Requiem contains:
01. Introït 5:06
02. Kyrie 5:38
03. Dies Irae 3:00
04. Tuba Mirum 2:39
05. Recordare Jesu 4:43
06. Lacrimosa (Lamentu) 3:42
07. Pie Jesu (Lamentu) 3:19
08. Offertorium 6:34
09. Agnus Dei 2:32
10. Communio 2:41
11. Libera Me 8:38
12. In Paradisum 6:44

♫ 03. Dies irae
© Mandala MAN 4912
Source:booklet of cd Harmonia Mundi MAN 4912