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Khachatur Avetisyan
1926 - 1996
K. Avetisyan
Khachatur Avetisyan [Khachatoor Avedissian] (1926 - 1996), an Armenian composer (born in Gumri) especially of traditional Armenian music. Khachatur Avetisyan, a leading Armenian exponent of the kanun, the Middle Eastern zither, has raised the performance practices of this plucked instrument to unparalleled heights. Born in 1926, in Leninakan (now Gyumri), Armenia, Khachatur Avetisyan studied composition under the renowned composer Edvard Mirzoyan at the Komitas State Conservatory in Yerevan. He received the gold (1951) and the silver medals (1956) at the International Youth Competitions, first in Berlin and then in Moscow. Avetisyan devoted his creative life to researching the roots of Armenian folk music. In 1958 he was appointed artistic director of the Armenian State Dance Ensemble and in 1968 that of the Tatul Altunyan Song and Dance Ensemble where his own instrumental and vocal music became a staple of the repertory. He founded the folk music department at the State Conservatory in 1978, where a large number of folk instrumentalists are trained. He died in Yerevan in 1996.
Composed in:1985
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Ludwig Dourian
In memory of:the victims of the Armenian genocide of 1915
Label(s):Syncoop 5749 CD 106
Narek.com Records NCR-1433
This oratorium contains:
Part 1 - Ode
Part 2 - Ode of love
Part 3 - Lullaby
Part 4 - Ode of Exodus
Part 5 - Expectation
Part 6 - Edification
Part 7 - Armenia with thousand wings
Source:Booklet of cd Narek.com Records NCR-1433
Contributor:Arye Kendi

[5. Expectation | Syncoop 5749 CD 106]
Composed in:1989
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Ludwig Dourian
In memory of:the victims of the 1988 earthquake in Armenia
Label(s):Narek.com Records NCR-1433
Requiem for tenor and choir.
Source:Booklet of cd Narek.com Records NCR-1433
Contributor:Hermann Puchta