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Josephus Antonius Gerardus Maria Baars
1937 - 2005
The Netherlands
J.A.G.M. Baars
Jozef Baars (10/02/1937 - 27/03/2005), a Dutch conductor and composer (born in Goirle). He was conductor of the Churchchoir Margarita Maria (Tilburg, The Netherlands) from 1982 - 2001. He composed a lot of motets and masses. Besides the Missa pro defunctis: Missa da Pacem, Missa Brevis in Es and Missa in honorem St Mariae, and more, over 200 compositions.
Author:Jochem Baas
Missa pro defunctis in As major
Composed in:1992
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
A requiem in As major (opus 188) for mixed choir.
It contains:
01. Kyrie
02. Sanctus
03. Agnus Dei