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Claude Léveillée
1932 - 2011
Picture Picture
C. Léveillée
Claude Léveillée (16/10/1932 - 09/06/2011) a Canadian singer-songwriter, actor; BA (Montreal) 1954. He made his debut in 1955 in the revue Bleu et Or at the University of Montreal, where he was studying social sciences. In 1956 he was seen in 'Le Secret de la Rivière perdue' on CBC TV; he also created a character, Clo-Clo, as well as the decor, scenarios, scripts, and music for the children's TV program 'Domino' 1957-9 and 1961-2. With other Quebec chansonniers he founded Les Bozos in 1959. Among his first songs were 'Frédéric,' 'L'Hiver,' 'Les Vieux Pianos,' and 'Rendez-vous'. He worked in Paris 1959-60 with Édith Piaf, who in 1963 recorded songs he had written for her: 'Boulevard du crime,' 'Ouragan,' 'La Voix' (ballet), and 'Le Vieux Piano' (a new version of 'Les Vieux Pianos'). In 1964 he became the first Quebec artist to give a solo performance at the PDA. He collaborated with the pianist and arranger André Gagnon 1962-9; subsequently his accompanists have been Pierre Leduc, Cyrille Beaulieu, Michel Lefrançois, and Réjean Émond.
Requiem 1837
Composed in:1977
Musical form:song
Text/libretto:traditional text
Léveillée composed some traditional stories: Salut l'Indien and Requiem 1837 (1977).