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Hans Leenders
1965 -
The Netherlands
H. Leenders
Hans Leenders (19/12/1965), a Dutch organist and composer. He studied organ at the conservatories of Maastricht, Utrecht and Brussels with Jean Wolfs, Jan Raas, Jean Ferrard and Jean Boyer, among others. He specialized in French baroque music and obtained his diploma as a soloist in 1992. He also studied music theory and Gregorian chant. In 1994 he succeeded Jean Wolfs as cantor-organist of the Basilica of Our Lady (organ Séverin 1652) in Maastricht. He teaches organ at the Maastricht Conservatory and is an artistic advisor to the L'Europe & L'Orgue festival in Maastricht.
Leenders is artistic director of the professional chamber choir Studium Chorale and also conductor of the Madrigalchor Aachen, the Basilica Choir and the Schola Nova in Maastricht. He was guest conductor at various Dutch conservatories, Cappella Amsterdam, the Dutch Student Chamber Choir, Capella Cathedral Brussels, the Slovene Chamber Choir, the Groot Omroepkoor and at many international festivals such as Europa Cantat. He was the course leader of the annual Kurt Thomas conducting course in Utrecht.
His concert practice spans all of Europe. He made numerous radio and CD recordings as an organist and conductor. His special interest in contemporary music is evident from the many premieres he performed. Hans Leenders' compositions have been published by Ascolta Publishers
Period:21st century
Composed in:2016
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Aliud Records ACD OE 126-2
Requiem (Missa pro Defunctis) composed in 2016 for high voice and organ.
It contains:
01. Introïtus
02. Graduale
03. Offertorium
04. Communio
05. Pie Jesu
06. In Paradisum
Source:bookloet of cd Aliud Records ACD OE 126-2

♫ 01. Introïtus
© Aliud Records ACD OE 126-2

♫ 02. Graduale
© Aliud Records ACD OE 126-2

♫ 03. Offertorium
© Aliud Records ACD OE 126-2

♫ 04. Communio
© Aliud Records ACD OE 126-2

♫ 05. Pie Jesu
© Aliud Records ACD OE 126-2

♫ 06. In Paradisum
© Aliud Records ACD OE 126-2