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Gerhard Rosenfeld
1931 - 2003
G. Rosenfeld
Gerhard Rosenfeld (10/02/1931 - 04/03/2003), a German composer. He was born in Königsberg (now Kaliningrad).
Requiem for Kaza Kathárinna
Composed in:1990
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Anita Geigges
In memory of:Kaza Kathárinna and all in World War II killed gipsy's
Label(s):Thorofon classics DCTH 2271/2
This Requiem is for narrator, mezzo-soprano, violin, harp, percussion and a Gypsie ensemble (cimbalom, violin and double bass), with a text by Anita Geigges and was premiered in the Maximiliam Kolbe church in Poland and was written in memory of the in World War II killed gipsy's.
About Kaza Kathárinna:
Jews were not the only victims of Hitler's murderers. An estimated 500,000 gypsies from central and eastern Europe were also tortured, shot, and gassed in the orgy of destruction that was the Third Reich, and this Requiem for Kaza Katharinna is dedicated to their memory. Kaza was a German gypsy girl who survived the Holocaust, but at excruciating personal cost. Born in 1908, she would marry and have five children. Her father was killed by the SS, her husband by the Gestapo, and she lost her twin daughters to the monstrous genetic experiments carried out by the infamous Dr Mengele. Of her entire extended family, only she and her eldest son survived. She remarried after the War and died in poverty in 1984 without any acknowledgement of her victimization from the German government.