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Mariano Rodriguez de Ledesma
1779 - 1847
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M.R. de Ledesma
Mariano Rodriguez de Ledesma (14/12/1779 - 28/03/1847), a Spanish composer (from Zaragoza) of mainly church music.
Author:Otto Keller
Source:Geschichte der Musik
Mariano Rodriguez de Ledesma's original name was Mariano Nicasio Ledesma. Why he changed his name was unknown by contemporaries and he used sometimes both names. De Ledesma got his musical education in Zaragoza. Later he moved to Madrid. There he conducted the Spanish premiere of Mozart's Requiem in 1805/1806. De Ledesma studied human anatomy at the Madrid University because he was interested in physiology of the voice. He was a famous sing teacher.
During the Naopleon wars De Ledesma escaped to Sevilla and Cadiz. In Cadiz he got to know the poet Laiglesia y Darrack whose poems were source of many of De Ledesma songs. De Ledesma visited England two times where he worked as teacher of the daughter of the Prince of Wales. He returned to Spain in 1815 and in 1819 he composed the Oficio y Misa de difuntos to Queen Maria Isabel. This is the first great Spanish romantic Oratorium. Church music was the composer's main genre in which German Romanticism is cleary see.
Contributor:Pentti Kauppi
Oficio y Misa de difuntos
Period:Early Romanticism
Composed in:1819
Musical form:officium & mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass and texts
In memory of:Queen Maria Isabel
Label(s):Aragon LCD 41
The British conductor Murray Stewart has made the premiere recording of the requiem mass by the 19th century Spanish composer Mariano Rodriguez de Ledesma.
Misa de difuntos contains:
01. Introito 4'45
02. Kyrie 1'38
03. Gradual, Tracto 6'05
04. Sequencia 13'25
05. Offertorio 5'21
06. Prefacio 2'00
07. Sanctus 1'36
08. Benedictus 1'28
09. Agnus Dei 1'56
10. Postcommunio 2'38
11. Absolucion, Libera me 4'18
Total time: ca. 44'

Oficio de difuntis contains:
01. Invitatorio
02. Leccion I Parce mihi
03. Responso I Pecantem me
04. Leccion II Taedet animam
05. Responso II Qui Lazarum
Total time: ca. 40'
Source:booklet of cd Aragon LCD 41
Contributor:Pentti Kauppi
The dedicatee of this Requiem is Infanta Maria Isabel of Portugal (Queluz, 19/05/1797 – Madrid, 26/12/1818) was a Portuguese infanta and Queen consort of Spain. Born a Portuguese infanta, Maria Isabel was the daughter of King John VI of Portugal and his wife Carlota Joaquina de Borbón.
Queen Maria Isabel