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George Walter Selwyn Lloyd
1913 - 1998
Great Britain, England
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G.W.S. Lloyd
George Lloyd (28/06/1913 - 03/07/1998), an English composer and conductor, born in St. Ives (Cornwall). His music possesses great optimism and depth of character, stemming from the powerful experiences in his life and his generous life spirit. It expresses a wide emotional appeal to audiences, while being spontaneous, exuberant and inspired. Many distinguished musicians have recognised Lloyd's qualities, and advocated his repertoire in performance, in particular the late John Ogdon, who gave the first performance of 'Scapegoat' (Piano Concerto No 1) and Sir Edward Downes, who gave many first performances of the symphonies.
Composed in:1998
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:Diana, Princess of Wales
Label(s):Albany - TROY 450
Requiem in memory of Princess Diana (1961 - 1997) contains:
01. Requiem (11:20)
02. Dies Irae (1:55)
03. Tuba Mirum (1:54)
04. Mors Stupebit (4:03)
05. Liber Scriptus (1:19)
06. Dies Irae 2 (1:48)
07. Quid Sum Miser (1:50)
08. Rex Tremendae (1:16)
09. Recordare (4:07)
10. Ingemisco (3:36)
11. Confutatis (2:16)
12. Lacrimosa 4:47)
13. Hostias (1:34)
14. Sanctus (2:59)
15. Agnus Dei (2:02)
16. Lux Aeterna (7:14)

♫ 11. Confutatis
Albany TROY 450

♫ 16. Lux Aeterna
Albany TROY 450
Source:booklet of cd Albany TROY 450
Requiem, for countertenor, small chorus & organ. In autumn 1996, George Lloyd suffered heart failure, and was treated in hospital for some weeks. He was determined to carry on working however, as he felt that he had more music which he wanted to write, and within a year he had completed a cello concerto. The strain of that work caused further deterioration in his health, and recognising that his days were probably numbered, he set about writing his Requiem Mass, dedicated to the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961 - 1997). He felt that his strength would not be equal to the effort required to compose a full orchestral score, so he wrote for small chorus, counter-tenor soloist, and organ. The score of the Requiem was completed in early 1998, and he finished the proof-reading about six weeks before he was once again admitted to hospital suffering from heart failure. He died on July 3rd, 1998, at the age of 85.
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