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Normand Lockwood
1906 - 2002
United States of America, NY
N. Lockwood
Normand Lockwood (19/03/1906 - 09/03/2002), an American composer, born in New York. He studied with Respighi in Rome and with Boulanger (1927-1929), and taught at various American universities, notably at Denver (1961-75). His large output is tonal or polytonal and includes expressive vocal works, especially settings of American poetry.
Requiem for a rich young man
Composed in:1964
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Donald Sutherland
Requiem for a rich young man. Length: 28 minutes. Instrumentation: (staged): soprano, alto, tenor, bass soli, chamber orchestra, percussion, violcello, contrabass.
Author:Christopher C. Brown