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Tomas Wullschleger
1962 - 2012
T. Wullschleger
Tomas Wullschleger (21/12/1962 - 11/07/2012), a Swiss composer and conductor (from Küsnacht, nearby Zürich), died in Zürichsee.
Requiem - eine hommage an jetzt und nun
Period:21st century
Composed in:2008
Text/libretto:Latin mass (Introitus)
Label(s):Suisa 2008
This Requiem (for piano, accordeon, mezzo-soprano and narrator and mixed choir) is about time, about perishableness and about the eternal secret of becoming and passing, its flowing, waxes and disintegrating the idea 'lux perpetua' and this bears inexorably feeds: longing and striving, which makes everything bearable. The Introitus with its 22 + 6 + 22 letters is in this work idea and program for the whole composition: the friction between perishableness and wonderful reality of eternal instant. A longing. A pain. Eine hommage an jetzt und nun.