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Jacques Rebotier
1950 -
J. Rebotier
Jacques Rebotier (07/03/1950), a French poet, director, author and composer. He tries his hand at everything, and for several years has been creating unusual performances mixing poetry, dance and music.
Composed in:1994
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass + a text by Valere Novarina
Label(s):Harmonia Mundi MFA 216008
Requiem composed during the years 1993/1994. Requiem is for 7 clarinets, accordion, cymbalum, 7 voices, 7 dead persons, childrens' choir and soprano. Although it uses the text of the traditional Mass for the dead, this is a contemporary rethinking of the meaning of the mass in philosophical terms, its message concerning itself with time, timelessness, and the escape from the passage of time in life and death. It also contains a text of the French dramatist Valere Novarina (1947). Not surprisingly, the musical vocabulary used to express these ideas is non-traditional; this is not the grand romantic mass, storming the gates of heaven on judgement day. The idiosyncratic yet telling instrumentation, and the atonal though only mildly dissonant language - which nonetheless pays quirky tribute to traditional models from time to time - seem to suspend the argument of the text outside traditional concerns of time and religious belief, suggesting a timeless ritual of spiritual reflection.
Valere Novarina