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Heinz Heckmann
1932 - 2012
H. Heckmann
Heinz Heckmann (11/07/1932 - 13/08/2012), a German composer, born in Trier. He studied composition, fagot, piano. He was a teacher at the Bisch๖flichen Kirchenmusikschule in Trier.
Requiem Caniceanum
Composed in:1979
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):CSS CD 100 060
The prayers sound in fine dynamic gradations; for the Kyrie the right instruments are used and the choir developes imploring into a well-considered harmonisation. Duration: 61’20”
Author:Christoph Vratz
Requiem Caniceanum written for Soli, Choir and Orchestra.
It contains:
Introitus 5’28
Kyrie 9’01
Dies irae I 7’53
Dies irae II 12’35
Dies irae III 6’15
Offertorium 4’32
Sanctus 5’56
Agnus Dei 6’01
Ite missa est 3’33