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Peter Ritzen
1956 -
P. Ritzen
Peter Ritzen (21/01/1956), a Belgian pianist and composer, born in Ghent. Equally important to his performing career, Peter Ritzen has established fame in the far East as a composer. His works, based upon Chinese opera arias, such as The Last Empress, and his Chinese requiem, have captured the hearts of millions of Chinese people.
Chinese requiem
Composed in:1990
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Santiago M. Ruperez Dura
Label(s):Marco Polo 8.223980
Chinese requiem for soprano, chorus, piano and orchestra based on a poem of Santiago M. Ruperez Dura (1942), which was based on the poem Tribute to China's creators.
Drawing on a long association with China and Chinese culture and traditions, the Flemish-born composer and pianist Peter Ritzen celebrates Chinese achievement in his Chinese requiem, with a text by the Spanish sinologist Santiago Rupérz Durá. The work follows the pattern of the Catholic Requiem Mass, without resorting to the Latin text.