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Laurence Armstrong Hughes
1952 -
Great Britain, England
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L.A. Hughes
Laurence Hughes (05/10/1952), an English composer, born in London. A British composer of tonal/modal music, whose work has been described as 'the new lyricism'. Born in London, UK, studied at the universities of York and London, currently resident in Oxford. His works have been performed in the UK and various other parts of the world, as well as being broadcast on BBC Radio and TV. He has a special interest in choral and vocal music, and is also a freelance reviewer for the British press.
Requiem aeternam
Composed in:1995
Musical form:fragments
Text/libretto:Latin mass + English texts by Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning
In memory of:Lynda Climpson / dedicated to the composer's mother I.G.H.
This is a setting of parts of the Latin mass for the dead interspersed with settings of poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (née Barrett; 1806 - 1861) and Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886), an American lyrical poet. It is written for soprano solo with choir, organ and four obbligato intruments, and was commissioned in memory of Lynda Catherine Climpson and dedicated to the composer's mother Ivy Gladys Hughes.
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E. Barrett Browning
E. Dickinson