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Anne Lauber
1943 -
Switzerland | Canada
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A. Lauber
Anne Lauber (28/07/1943) a female Swiss-born (from Zürich) composer, teacher; naturalized Canadian 1972; M MUS composition (Montreal) 1982, D MUS composition (Montreal) 1986. Following violin and piano studies, she attended (1964-7) the Lausanne Cons (thanks to a scholarship from the Association des musiciens suisses), where, among other subjects, she studied compositional techniques under Andras Kovach, a student of Kodály. Concurrently, she took composition lessons with Jean Perrin, and later on with Darius Milhaud. In 1967, she moved to Montreal where she studied composition privately (1973-7) with André Prévost. She subsequently studied at the University of Montreal where Serge Garant and Prévost were among her teachers.
Composed in:1989
Requiem (1989) for 4 solos, chorus and orchestra.