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Claire Schapira
1946 -
C. Schapira
Photo: Patricia Dietzi ©
Claire Schapira (19/01/1946), a female French composer. She studied piano, harpsichord and composition. She was a resident at the Villa Médicis in Rome and an intern at Ircam, and received a grant from the French Ministry of Culture in 1985 to write an opera, La Partition de sable. The majority of her work is dedicated to the lyrical genre and her principal works include: Trames, Vagues, Ténèbres, Fragments insolites, Le Ciel de mes yeux en pleurs, Acheminement, Mémorial, Requiem pour la paix (commissioned by Radio France); Rumeur, Chant cousu, La Chaîne (commissioned and premiered by the Ensemble Intercontemporain); several works for the Villa Médicis Festival; Regards (National Orchestra of the RAI); In pace, Interjections II (Festival estival de Paris); Contes (Musica and the Salzburg Festival); Hymne à la paix, Antigone, Sans craindre le vertige et le vent, Chants mêlés, Sysiphe, Cassandre, Stabat Mater (with the support of the Beaumarchais Foundation); and L'Ombre de Cassandre for the opera.
Requiem pour la paix
Composed in:1999
In memory of:/ dedicated to the composer's children
Requiem pour la paix (1999), written for the year 2000. For a female choir and orchestra; commissioned by Radio France. First performance: 06.02.2004, Paris, Radio France, Festival Présences Chœur, Maîtrise & Orchestre National de France, dir. Fabien Gabel. Duration: 45 < 50’
Contributor:Arye Kendi