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Placido Abela
c.1814 - 1876
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P. Abela
Placido Abela (1814 (ca.?) - 06/07/1876), an Italian composer. Placido Abela, born Giuseppe-Hilarion Abela (Naples, 1814 Montecassino, 06/07/1876), was a Benedictine monk from the Kingdom of the Both Sicilies. At the abbey of Monte Cassino in the Papal State he was organist, composer and later in life prior. Former San Sebastiano church in Naples. A music school at the time. Placido was his monastic name. He signed with Don Placido.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem. Distributor: Biblioteca statale del Monumento nazionale - Montecassino