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Georges Migot
1891 - 1976
G.E. Migot
Georges Elbert [Georges] Migot (27/02/1891 - 05/01/1976), a French composer, born in Paris. He was a pupil of Bouval, Ganaye and Widor.
Source:Grove's dictionary of music and musicians
Composed in:1953
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Duration:ca. 33'
Label(s):BNF Collection Believe digital
This a cappella requiem for mixed choir and SATB soloists is full of confidence and serenity. It contains:
01. Introït 04:36
02. Kyrie 02:46
03. Graduel 03:00
04. Trait 02:09
05. Offertoire 03:25
06. Sanctus 03:52
07. Agnus Dei 03:11
08. Communion 04:08
09. Répons 05:38
Conceived within the bounds of liturgical worship are a number of a cappella requiem settings, which display a simplicity and sobriety that recall the aims of the 19th-century Cecilian movement. Principal among these are those of Pizzetti (1922–3), Georges Migot (1953), Priaulx Rainier (1955), Randall Thompson (1958) and Iain Hamilton (1979).
Author:Steven Chang-Lin Yu