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Zlata Razdolina
1959 -
Russia / Israel
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Z. Razdolina
Zlata Razdolina [also: Rosenfeld] (10/12/1959), a female Russian - Jewish composer, author and performer of her own music. She was born in St. Petersburg. Zlata Razdolina (Rozenfeld), composer, author and performer of her own music, was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) where she gained her high musical education. She began her career performing her works at the artist's organization "Lenconcert" in Leningrad. She is a Laureate of many national and international music competitions. Among her awards is her laureate at the all-Russian competition celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Victory over Fascism (1985-Leningrad). The summit of her career in Russia were her Laureate awards for her musical setting of Anna Akhmatova's poem "Requiem" in the national competitions in Moscow, 1988 and Leningrad, in 1989. Zlata Razdolina is a member of the Israeli Composers Organization, The Israeli Union of Performing Artists, The International Federation of Actors and the International Alliance for Women in Music.
Composed in:1988
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Anna Akhmatova
In memory of:the victims of the Stalin regime / dedicated to the composer's grandparents Pesia and Zalman Geltman
This requiem after a poem of Anna Akhmatova (1889 - 1966), is for symphony orchestra, choir and soloists.
Anna Akhmatova is the literary pseudonym of Anna Andreevna Gorenko. Her first husband was Gumilev, and she too became one of the leading Acmeist poets. Her second book of poems, Beads (1914), brought her fame. Her earlier manner, intimate and colloquial, gradually gave way to a more classical severity, apparent in her volumes The Whte Flock (1917) and Anno Domini MCMXXI (1922). The growing distaste which the personal and religious elements in her poetry aroused in Soviet officialdom forced her thereafter into long periods of silence; and the poetic masterpieces of her later years, A Poem without a Hero and Requiem, were published abroad.
A. Akhmatova
Requiem: the song of the murdered Jewish people
Composed in:1989
Text/libretto:Itzhak Katzenelson
In memory of:the composer's uncle Benzion Geltman and the murdered Jewish people
An orchestral version of Requiem composed after the poem by Holocaust poet Itzhak Katzenelson (gasified in Auschwitz, 1944) `The song of the murdered Jewish people`, describing the extermination of the Jewish life in Warsaw. The work which lasts nearly an hour, is comprised of scores for large orchestra, choir and soloist (cantor), to be sung with the Hebrew words of the poem written by the Holocaust poet Itzhack Katzenelson. 'The song of the murdered Jewish people', was written during the poet’s detention in a transportation camp, Vitel-France, before he was deported to Auschwitz. The poem was buried in Vitel’s soil where it was unearthed at the end of the war and was brought to a Museum on the Kibbutz “The Ghetto Fighters” which is called after him. The poem – a story of the Warsaw Ghetto – was written originally in Yiddish and has now been translated into many languages, including English, German, Hebrew and Russian. Due to funding shortage, the issued CD is only the orchestral version, with vocalize.
Itzhak Katzenelson