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Alessandro Bustini
1876 - 1970
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A. Bustini
Alessandro Bustini (24/12/1876 - 23/06/1970), an Italian composer, from Rome. He studied with Falchi (composition), Sgambati (pianoforte) and Renzi (organ). He wrote abook on the history of the symphony in Italy.
Source: Grove’s dictionary of music and musicians
Messa funebre
Musical form:mass
This Messa funebre might be the same mass as the Missa pro defunctis.
Source:Riemann Musik Lexikon
Missa pro defunctis
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:Victor Emanuel II, king of Italy (1820 - 1878)
This funeral mass is for mixed choir.
Source:Grove's dictionary of music and musicians
Victor Emanuel II