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Wojciech Kilar
1932 - 2013
W. Kilar
Wojciech Kilar (17/07/1932 - 29/12/2013), a Polish composer born in Lviv, (now Oekraďne) once Lwów, Poland, died in Katowice. He studied at the Higher School of Music in Katowice with piano master W.Markiewicrowna and composition tutor B. Woytowicz. He studied composition with Nadja Boulanger in Paris,which he considers his second home. Kilar`s most important composition include many orchestral and choral items. He has also worked on numerous projects with Polish directors Zanussi,Wajda and Kieslowski.
Author:Pentti Kauppi
Requiem pere Kolbe
Composed in:1990
Musical form:free
Label(s):JADE 39653-2
The origin of Requiem is Krysztof Zanussi`s film A life for a Life, devoted to Father Kolbe, and for which Kilar composed the music.
Source:booklet of cd JADE 39653-2
Contributor:Pentti Kauppi