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Eleanor Daley
1955 -
E.J. Daley
Eleanor Joanne [Eleanor] Daley (21/04/1955), a female Canadian composer (from Parry Sound (Ontario). She has been the Director of Music at Fairlawn Heights United Church, Toronto, since 1982. Ms Daley received her Bachelor of Music Degree in Organ Performance from Queen's University and holds diplomas in Piano and Organ Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto and Trinity College, England. In 1991, Eleanor Daley was the recipient of three first place awards in the Amadeus Choir Carol Competition. Thanks to the continuing support and talent of her choirs at Fairlawn Heights, Ms Daley has composed numerous introits, anthems, quartets and solos during her years there.
Eleanor Joanne Daley (21/04/1955) born in Parry Sound, Ontario is a Canadian composer, organist, and accompanist. Her best known works are The Rose Trilogy, Requiem and In Remembrance. Daley holds a Bachelor Degree in Organ Performance from Queens University in Kingston, and holds multiple diplomas in piano and organ. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario where she composes music and directs the choir at Fairlawn Avenue United Church. She has composed the pieces "O Nata Lux" and "Balulalow". Eleanor Daley has written many songs for a number of choirs including the Bach Children's Chorus.
Composed in:1993
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass + English texts, Mary Elisabeth Frye
Label(s):ATMA Classique ACD 2 2631
This a cappella Requiem (length: 24 min.) with soprano and baritone soloists, contains:
01. Requiem aeternam
02. Out of the deep
03. And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears
04. Requiem; In Remembrance (by Mary Elisabeth Frye, b.1905)
05. I heard a Voice From Heaven
06. Thou Knowest, Lord
07. Requiem aeternam II / In Paradisum
Texts by Mary Frye (13/11/1905 - 15/09/2004), housewife and poet, was born as Mary Elizabeth Clark in Dayton, Ohio, United States of America.
And by Carolyn Smart (1952), a British-Canadian female poet: The sound of the birds.

♫ 04. Requiem; In Remembrance
ATMA Classique ACD 2 2631

Daley's Requiem, named outstanding new choral composition by the Association of Canadian Choral Conductors in 1994, got a great performance. Among the soloists was Lisa Watson, whose focused soprano brought a suitably lyrical quality to modern poetry by Carolyn Smart.
Daley worked an inventive mix of texts into her Requiem. Along with Smart's poetry, sources include the Latin Missa pro Defunctis, a Russian benediction, the Book of Common Prayer and Psalm 130. The fourth movement is a graceful setting of Mary Elizabeth Frye's In Remembrance, touching consolation on the loss of a loved one.
Daley has a flexible, deceptively simple writing style that flattered the chorus, as all sections sounded wonderfully nimble and light in her infectious melodies. The eight-movement Requiem generated considerable momentum as it went along, and reaching the gentle finale left the listener feeling absolutely at peace.
C. Smart