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Malcolm Archer
1952 -
Great Britain, England
M.D. Archer
Malcolm David [Malcolm] Archer (29/04/1952), an English organist and composer, concert and recording artist, organist and director of music at St Paul's Cathedral, London. He was born in Lytham (Lancashire).
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Choral Recordings 1480022
Listen: Maîtrise Ste Philomène de Haguenau 2012
This Requiem contains:
01 Introit and Kyrie (4:52)
02 Offertory (5:29)
03 Sanctus (2:16)
04 Pie Jesu (3:36)
05 Agnus Dei (6:39)
06 Libera me, Domine (4:46)
07 In paradisum (3:43)
This is a sensuous setting of the Latin text of the requiem mass already in its third printing. Malcolm Archer is a master of the choral idiom, writing marvellous melodies which lodge in the memory. His Requiem is scored for chorus, soloists and organ, and provides some forty minutes of fine devotional music.
Choir and Organ described Archer's Requiem as "simply splendid".