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Cor Backers
1910 - 1996
The Netherlands
C.M.P.A. Backers
Cornelis Marie Petrus Antonius [Cor] Backers (05/06/1910 - 1996), born in Rotterdam. He studied at the Rotterdam Conservatorium. Upon his graduation he studied with Dirk Schäfer (piano), Bernard Diamant (choral conducting), Felix Weingartner (orchestral conducting) and music theory with Prof. Dr. Smeijers. Backers has performed as a pianist. Between 1950 and 1960 he was conductor of the Chamber Choir of The Hague, and performed many unknown and unusual works (Psalm 99 by Sem Dresden, among others). Additionally he was conductor of the Haags Vocaal Ensemble, the Dordrechts Catholic Chamber Choir and other choirs. He was a music journalist and editor-in-chief of the review "Musica". Cor Backers has composed works for chamber and string orchestras, a suite for mixed choir, a sonata for piano, works for choir and organ as well as chamber music (piano and songs). He wrote monographs on Händel, Puccini and Gershwin and published many educational arrangements of etudes, sonatas and other compositions, and new issues of manuscripts of choral works by d'Astorga, C.Ph.E. Bach, W.Fr. Bach, Gluck, Hasse, Leonardo Leo, Mozart, Schütz, Vivaldi and others.
Requiem aeternam
Composed in:1953
Requiem aeternam in D major (1953) for 8-part mixed choir a cappella.