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20th - century
Great Britain, England
Hazlitt (20th century) a female English composer. Hazlitt's musical background is varied to say the least; she's featured in rock bands and youth choirs but also composed cinematic compositions for documentaries and Adidas. She's also at odds with what is typically expected from a classical crossover artist: heavily tattooed, her rebellious image and untrained soprano vocal will have the conservative crossover audience scratching their heads. But none of this matters when her music starts to play. Her EP Requiem For Little Bird comprises nine blissful original songs with a voice so pure it brings the trebles of Libera to mind. Hazlitt was in the process of delivering a full length album when the demos were destroyed in the London riots of August 2011. She was forced to flee her home when rioters burned it down, leaving her homeless. Undeterred, Hazlitt has started to get her album back on track which is set to be produced by Haydn Bendall (whose credits include Kate Bush, Andrea Bocelli, Il Divo, Bond, Camilla Kerslake, Leona Lewis and Russell Watson to name but a few). Hazlitt has the element of surprise with the typical crossover listener and has the charisma to attract a different kind of audience elsewhere. If picked up by a major label and allowed to be herself, Hazlitt could have a big effect on the genre. Her EP can be purchased at both the UK and US Amazons.
Hazlitt: "I'm a solo classical artist and composer, I've made 2 albums already, which I'm really proud of after being in bands for years. I recently wrote the music for a global ad campaign for Adidas football for the World Cup and you can hear me singing on the soundtrack to the new Robin Hood movie. My image helps because it breaks me out of the typical classical market and hopefully gets people in other genres to give classical music a chance. I work with Elton Johnís management so Iím in good company there, I think the classical market is looking for something new so I hope to fulfil that."
Requiem for little bird
Period:21st century
Composed in:2010
Musical form:free
Label(s):Whiter Than Records
Requiem for little bird:
01. Lux Aeterna 05:07
02. Libera Me 03:33
03. Introit 04:43
04. Agnus Dei 04:17
05. Kyrie 03:37
06. Sanctus 04:27
07. Pie Jesu 03:33
08. In Paradisum 05:05