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Pasquale Anfossi
1727 - 1797
P. Anfossi
Pasquale Anfossi (05/04/1727 – 02/1797) was an Italian opera composer. Born in Taggia, Liguria, he studied with Niccolò Piccinni and Antonio Sacchini, and worked mainly in London, Venice and Rome.
He wrote more than 80 operas, both opera seria and opera buffa, although he concentrated on church music, especially oratorios, during his last years. Anfossi died in Rome in 1797.
Messa di Requiem in G minor
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Messa di Requiem in G minor for four voices, instruments and organ.
Pasquale Anfossi wrote this Requiem together with Francesco Durante (1684-1755).