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William Harper
1949 -
United States of America, IL
W. Harper
William Harper (10/03/1949), an American composer, born in Chicago (Illinois). He has written many critically acclaimed operas including, El Greco, Snow Leopard, Dead Birds and Crimson Cowboy. Dr. Harper teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and for his work in opera, film, dance and theater, Harper has received support from many foundations and support groups including the National Institute for Music Theater, the Djerassi Foundation, the Yaddo Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, The MacArthur Foundation.
Composed in:1996
Musical form:free
In memory of:Kenneth Montgomery
Label(s):Artco Records
This Requiem divided in 10 movements, scored for SATB (divisi) choir and alto solo, contains:
01. De profundis
02. Miserere
03. Subvenite
04. Absolve
05. Kyrie/Dies irae
06. Sanctus/Agnus Dei
07. In paradisum
A Gregorian requiem mass for chorus, electroacoustic score and alto solo. Requiem was written on commission from Harle Montgomery in memory of Kenneth Montgomery. All of the melodic material is from the traditional Gregorian requiem mass.
Contributor:Maurice Blouin
William Harper implodes the forms and colors of electronica, classical, pop, folk and opera, galvanizing a radical new musical vision for a diverse and devoted audience of all ages.
William Harper paints in long, bold strokes, balancing scenes instead of motives, and propelling the ear on voyages of emotion. Elegant counterpoint interwoven with Gregorian Chant joyous ensemble pieces break out at every dramatic juncture. The tonality is postminimal, but the ways textures alternate and recur provides an effective, Stravinskian illusion of perpetual forward motion.
Author:Kyle Gann
What a splendid work! Terrific in every respect, especially the integration of electronic elements and the fine choral textures. May I dare add that it is a work, to my ears, worthy of the company of the great requiems of Brahms, Verdi, Victoria, Britten, Faure, and Durufle - I mean it!
Author:Haig Mardirosian
I've listened already 2 times to this amazing piece. It has to be one of the most unique settings of the requiem and I've heard over 300 different requiems. It will be a good challenge to describe this fabulous work...with its many influences.
Author:Robert Chase