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Aloys Hnilicka
1826 - 1909
Czech Republic
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A. Hnilicka
Aloys [Alois] Hnilicka (21/03/1826 - 10/11/1909), a Czech composer, born in Usti nad Orlici (Wildenschwert, Bohemia), died in Chrudim, Czechoslovakia. Organist, studied in Prague in 1842-43, and in 1849 became organist of the principal church of his native town. He composed an oratorio with Bohemian words, Ztraceny raj (Paradise lost) ; 3 Requiems, 10 Masses, and other church music ; 7 quartets, etc.
Requiem (3x)
Musical form:masses
Text/libretto:Latin mass