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Juhan Aavik
1884 - 1982
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J. Aavik
Juhan Aavik (29/01/1884 - 26/11/1982), an Estonian composer, conductor and music teacher (born in Holstre). His father Andres Aavik was a school teacher and choir and wind band conductor. Juhan Aavik graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory in 1907 in trumpet performance under W. Wurm, and in 1911 in music theory and composition under A. Ljadov, N. Soloviov, J. Vitols and A. Glazunov.
He was music director 1911-1914 and conductor at the Vanemuine Theatre in Tartu 1911-23, and the Estonia Theatre in Tallinn 1925-33, principal conductor at song festivals and teacher at the Tartu Higher School of Music and the Tallinn Conservatory. Became director of the Conservatory in 1933 and initiated its takeover by the state in 1935. Emigrated to Sweden in 1944. He has written from songs for children to concertos, symphonies and operas. Style is lyrical. Often uses material from folk music. Has also written books: Muusika radadelt (From the Paths of Music), Eesti muusika ajalugu (History of Estonian Music).
He was music director and conductor at the Vanemuine Theatre, and teacher and director of the Tartu Higher School of Music in Tartu 1911-1923.
Requiem aeternam
Composed in:1959
Requiem aeternam (Op.70), for mixed choir.