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Sylvia Rickard
1937 -
S. Rickard
Sylvia Rickard (19/05/1937), a female, Canadian composer. After studies in piano and theory for many years, Rickard took a couple of composition courses at U.B.C. with Jean Coulthard. Rickard got her B.A. degree there in French and Russian, 1959. After travelling, and living in France, U.S.A., India and West Germany, Rickard began, after 11 years of “absence” from music, private composition lessons in earnest, with Jean Coulthard. Through this marvelous mentor a jump-start to prize winning, CBC radio broadcasts and performances, by star performers, Rickard’s career in music began.
Requiem for Judith
Composed in:1987
Text/libretto:Sheilagh Ogilvie
Requiem for Judith is for soprano, mezzo-soprano and piano.
Wreck We Em: Pour Une Voiture Défunte…
Composed in:1997
Musical form:free
In memory of: the Japan victims of tsunami
Wreck We Em: Pour Une Voiture Défunte… for a cappella women’s choir; 2 alto soloists.