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Giuseppe Vallaperta
1755 - 1829
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G. Vallaperta
Giuseppe Vallaperta, (18/03/1755 - 1829), an Italian composer, born at Melzo, near Milan, died in Milan in 1829. Church composer, taught the pianoforte at Venice until 1789, when he went to Dresden ; was called to Parma in 1790, to write a festival cantata, and in 1793 became maestro di cappella at Aquila, in the Abruzzi. In 1803 he settled in Milan. Works Oratorios : Ezeehia ; II trionfo di Davidde ; II voto di Jefte. Masses, 3 Requiems, 6 Miserere.
Requiem (3x)
Period:Early Romanticism
Musical form:masses
Text/libretto:Latin mass