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Constança Capdeville
1937 - 1992
Spain | Portugal
C. Capdeville
Constança Capdeville (16/03/1937 – 04/02/1992) was a female Portuguese pianist, percussionist, music educator and composer. Constança Capdeville was born in Barcelona and lived in the village of Caxias as a child. She came from an artistic family and in her youth was exposed to creative geniuses including Salvador Dalí. She wrote piano compositions at an early age, and studied piano and composition at the Lisbon Conservatorio Nacional, where she received a diploma in Higher Education in Music.
After completing her studies in Barcelona, Capdeville settled in Portugal in 1951. She pursued further studies in piano with Varela Cid and musical composition with Jorge Croner de Vasconcellos. She then specialized her education in music to the study of ancient music (paleography/transcribing, organology, clavichord and performance practice) with Macário Santiago Kastner.
Libera me
Composed in:1979
Musical form:motet
Label(s):Portugalsom 870025
Libera me, a motet for mixed voices and instruments.
Source:booklet of cd Portugalsom 870025

♫ Libera me
© Portugalsom 870025