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Jean Mouton
c.1459 - 1522
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J. Mouton
Jean Mouton -also: Jean de Holloigue, Houllievigues; Motonis, Moto, Moton, Muton, Moutonac- (c.1459 - 30/10/1522), a French composer, from the dept. of Somme. He was a pupil of Josquin, teacher of Willaert. There is much unsure about the live of Jean Mouton. In 1502 he became a musician in the Hofkapelle of Louis XII and in 1510 his maître till he died in 1522. His oeuvre: 25 songs, 9 Magnificats, 15 masses and some 100 motetten.
Anna requiescat in pace
Period:Early Renaissance
Composed in:1514c
Musical form:motets
In memory of:Anne de Bretagne, queen of France
Label(s):Ligia Digital Lidi 0202122-03
The nine motets of Anna requiescat in pace subtitled:Deploration sur la mort d'Anne de Bretagne were composed in 1514 on the death of Anne de Bretagne (1477- 1514), queen of France.
Source:Grove's dictionary of music and musicians
Anne de Bretagne