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Tomaso Redi
c.1675 - 1738
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T. Redi
Tomaso (Tommaso) Redi (c.1675 - 20/07/1738), an Italian composer, born in Siena. From 1719 to 1727 and from 1732 to 1737 Geminiano Giacomelli was maestro di cappella of the court of Parma and the church of the Madonna della Steccata, serving jointly with his aged teacher Capelli; in the intervening years (1727--32) he held the same position at S Giovanni in Piacenza. In 1737 he directed performances of his opera Cesare in Egitto in Graz before succeeding Tommaso Redi as maestro di cappella of the Santa Casa, Loreto, on 24 November 1738. The announcement of his death, discovered by Tebaldini, states that he died at about 48 while still serving at Loreto.
Author:James Sanderson
Don't confuse this composer with the Italian painter Tommaso Redi (1665 - 1726).
Composed in:1713
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
This requiem (1713) is for two choirs (four voices each choir) for strings and basso continuo.