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Aribert Reimann
1936 -
A. Reimann
Aribert Reimann (04/03/1936), a German composer, born in Berlin.
Wolkenloses Christfest
Composed in:1974
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Otfried Büthe
Wolkenloses Christfest, Requiem for Bariton, Violoncello and Orchestra, after poems by Otfried Büthe (1928-1970). Premiere: 2. Juni 1974. Otfried Büthe (1928 – 1970), a German poet and dramatist.
Composed in:1982
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass + bible verses from "Job"
This Requiem (1980/82) is for soprano, mezzosoprano, bariton and orchestra. Latin Requiem text and verses from Job. Written for the 100th anniversary of the Kiel Regatta.
The Kiel Regatta
Requiem eternam dona ei, Domine - Shine and Dark No.4
Composed in:1991
Musical form:fragment
Text/libretto:Latin + texts by James Joyce
Label(s):Orfeo C 212901
For baritone voice and piano (left hand). Text by James Joyce (1882 - 1941). Shine and dark contains:
no 1. And I have sat...
no 2. Yea, for this love of mine
no 3. Of thy dark life
no 4. Requiem eternam dona ei, Domine
no 5. I intone the high anthem
no 6. Wind thine armes round
no 7. Let us fling to the winds
James Joyce