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Armand Marie Ghislain Limnander de Nieuwenhove
1814 - 1892
Picture Picture
A.M.G. Limnander
de Nieuwenhove
Armand (Marie Ghislain) Limnander de Nieuwenhove (22/05/1814 - 15/08/1892), a Belgian composer, born in Ghent. Dramatic and church composer, pupil at Saint-Acheul, near Amiens, of Cornette, and in 1828-35 in the Jesuits' college at Freiburg, Switzerland, of Pure Louis Lambillotte. After his return to Belgium he founded and conducted at Mechlin an amateur symphonic society, to which he added a choral section in 1838, which in 1841 took the name of Reunion Lyrique. About this time he took a course in composition under Fetis, and in 1847, settled in Paris. Works Operas : Les Montenegrins, given in Paris, Opera Comique, 1849 ; Le chateau de la Barbe-Bleue, ib., 1851 ; Yvonne, ib., 1859 ; Le maitre chauteur, Opera, 1853. Scenes druidiques, lyric poem ; La fin des moissons, symphony ; Cantatas ; Te Deum ; Stabat Mater, with orchestra ; Requiem, with organ ; Quartet for strings ; Sonata for pianoforte and violoncello ; Many choruses.
Composed in:1852
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem (1852) for choir and organ, premiered in Brussels.
Source:PropylaŽn - Welt der Musik - Die Komponisten
Contributor:Tassos Dimitriadis