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Alexander Lazarevich Lokshin
1920 - 1987
A.L. Lokshin
Alexander Lokshin (19/09/1920 - 11/06/1987), a Russian composer, born in Biysk (Siberia). Lokshin entered the second year of the musical High School, annexed to the Moscow Conservatory, in the class of composition and theory of music, taught by professor G.I. Litinsky in 1936. In Spring 1937 he was transferred in the Conservatory itself, in professor Nikolay Myaskovsky`s class. His diplomawork was rejected by the examinition commission. This large-scale vocal symphonic score to words by Beaudelaire from 1939 would have been written to 'decadent' texts. Most of his symphonies and other works show associations with the late German-Austrian romanticism and expressionism, affined with the music by Mahler and Berg.
Symphony No. 1 "Requiem"
Composed in:1957
Musical form:symphony
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Symphony No. 1 "Requiem" for mixed chorus and orchestra (1957), on a medieval Latin text. Duration: 43 min. First performance in Bournemouth in 1987 by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, conducted by Rudolf Barshai.