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Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac
1856 - 1914
S.S. Mokranjac
Stevan (Stojanović) Mokranjac (09/01/1856 - 28/09/1914), a Serbian (from Negotin) composer and a music teacher at the First Belgrade Gimnasium and the Theological College, a collector of secular and sacred folk songs, and a writer of the first studies on these songs starting the musicology in Serbia. He was also one of the founders of the first string quartet of Serbia, Union of Signing Societies, as well as the director of the first Serbian School of Music. Finally, he was an outstanding choir master and a wonderful composer.
Opelo in F sharp minor
Composed in:1888
Musical form:an orthodox Serbian liturgy for the dead
In memory of:Vuk Karadzic
Opelo in F sharp minor, is an Orthodox Requiem, written for the memorial service for Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic (1787 - 1864), a Serbian linguist. If examined closely, Mokranjac's work in church music far outweighs his achievements in secular music. One only needs to look at Mokranjac's biography to see that his work in church music is more plentiful and consumed more of his time than did his secular work. In parallel to the greatness of the tenth Song Wreath and the Goatherd, and to the Fifteenth, Fourteenth, and Eleventh Song Wreaths are some of his achievements in church music: Heruvika (the Cherubic hymn), Tebje odjejuscago (Joseph with Nicodemus took Thee down from the Tree), Opelo (the Orthodox equivalent to Requiem), and the Third, First and Second Stasis.
V.S. Karadzic