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Gregor Aichinger
1564 - 1628
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G. Aichinger
Gregor Aichinger (1564 - 21/01/1628), a German organist and composer (born in Ratisbon).
Source:Grove's dictionary of music and musicians
Officium pro defonctis quinque vocibus
Period:Late Renaissance
Composed in:1615
Musical form:officium
Officium pro defonctis quinque vocibus, (for 5 voices) was published in Augsburg, 1615.
Source:Riemann Musik Lexikon
Early in the 17th century the Renaissance polyphonic style, in various modified forms, served for several decades as a principal medium for requiem composition. A fine example, in Palestrinian style, is G.F. Anerio's setting (published in 1614, and reprinted three times up to 1677), the 'introit' of which reveals an elegant use of chant paraphrase. Similar in approach, but with more archaic cantus firmus treatment, are the expressive settings of two of Victoria's successors, Duarte Lobo (Officium defunctorum, 1603) and J.P. Pujol (Requiem for four voices, before 1626). An important innovation, evident in a number of works, is the inclusion of an organ continuo part (with figured or unfigured bass), which allowed greater variations in texture and dynamics. Early examples include Aichinger's Requiem (1615; D-As) and settings, from 1619, by Antonio Brunelli and Jean de Bournonville.
Author:Steven Chang-Lin Yu