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Clarence Lucas
1866 - 1947
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C. Lucas
Clarence Lucas (19/10/1866 - 01/07/1947), a Canadian composer, from Smithville (Ontario). He was the son of a Methodist minister who served in many small communities before settling in Montréal, where young Clarence studied piano, organ and violin. A very versatile musician, he preferred conducting, and trombone, violin and organ performance to the study of theology, for which he was offered a scholarship. In 1919 he moved to France where he concentrated on composition and writing music articles for such magazines as the Musical Courier and Etude.
Requiem mass in C minor
Composed in:1937
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
A requiem mass in C minor, for chorus and orchestra. Clarence Lucas finished this requiem mass in 1937.