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Sulkhan Tsintsadze
1925 - 1991
S.F. Tsintsadze
Sulkhan Fyodorovich [Sulkhan] Tsintsadze -also: Sulchan Zinzadse- (23/08/1925 - 15/09/1991), a Georgian composer, born in Gori. Until 1942 Tsintsadze studied cello under E.N. Kapelniski at the Musical Gymnasium of Tblisi. From 1942 he studied at the Conservatory of Tblisi (cello under K. Minjar) and from 1945 until 1953 at the Moscow Conservatory (cello under S.M. Kosolupov and composition under S.S. Bogatyrov). In his compositions Tsintsadze uses traditional forms as well as style characteristics of Shostakovich and Shebalin. His music is marked by the folklore of Georgia.
"Ballad of a soldier", a requiem
Composed in:1988
No details available.