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Georges-Émile Tanguay
1893 - 1964
G.-É. Tanguay
Georges-Émile Tanguay (05/06/1893 - 24/11/1964), a Canadian composer, organist, teacher and pianist; lauréat (AMQ), born in Quebec City. In Quebec City his teachers were Léon J. Dessane and J.-Arthur Bernier, and in Montreal Arthur Letondal and Romain Pelletier. He spent the years 1912-14 in Paris studying organ with Louis Vierne and harmony with Félix Fourdrain. In 1920 he returned there to work with Édouard Mignan (organ), Georges Caussade (harmony and counterpoint), and Simone Plé-Caussade (piano) and to attend Vincent d'Indy's classes at the Schola cantorum. He studied organ with Pietro Yon and Gaston Dethier in New York. Upon his return to Montreal in 1925, he became organist at Immaculée-Conception Church, a position he held for 20 years.
Graduel et Trait from: Messe de Requiem
Composed in:1917
Musical form:fragments
Graduel et Trait (excerpt from Messe de Requiem) for 3 men's voices. P-T, 1 Dec 1917.