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Hubert Cuypers
1873 - 1960
The Netherlands
H. Cuypers
Hubert Cuypers (26/12/1873 - 22/02/1960), a Dutch composer. Hubert Cuypers was born in 1873 Baexem (Limburg). He received his first music lessons from his father Frans Cuypers (1833-1886) and was a student of church music in Aachen. He studied harmony and composition with Bernard Zweers in Amsterdam. Here he conducted several choirs, including over thirty years of the St. Agnes Church, and founded the Schola Cantorum on. Cuypers has composed many, especially vocal church music, but also secular oratorio and declamatoria in plays. At the conclusion of the declamatoria he was in contact with William Royaards and Alphons Diepenbrock. The human voice was also the composer Cuypers central. He turned away from the rigid practice in the Netherlands from German choral works and saw the church music of the Regensburger school, that the doctrines of the Caecilia ism followed, as schools and narrow. He was in the Netherlands an early advocate of French music and the revival of Gregorian chant that went out of Solesmes. Cuypers died in 1960 in Amsterdam.
Musical form:uncompleted
Requiem (uncompleted) in C minor, for Soprano, alto, tenore and bass.