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Cesare Chiesa
1885 - 1965
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C. Chiesa
Cesare Chiesa (12/05/1885 - 22/08/1965), an Italian composer. Born in Milan, died in Einsiedel, Germany. At the school of Maestro Mapelli, in the Milanese Conservatory, he graduated in 1912 in organ and organ composition. He was appointed teacher of harmony at the Liceo Musicale “G. Frescobaldi ”and subsequently deputy director of the same institute; following in the footsteps of his father Federico he was organist in S. Eustorgio and in 1939 in the same basilica-sanctuary of S. Celso. For several years he conducted the choir “V. Bellini "with whom he collaborated in the performance of the oratories of L. Perosi. He gave many organ concerts, also testing new instruments and, as organist of the La Scala orchestra, he played with Toscanini, among other things in the Saint-Säens symphony. He also acquired competence and fame as a singing teacher, and in this capacity he entered the School of introduction to singing at the Teatro alla Scala; singers such as Cesare Siepi, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Lina Pagliuca, Maria Erato took advantage of his lessons ... to name the most famous. Cesare Chiesa is first and foremost a fairly successful theatrical author and includes in his catalog works of religious inspiration with a large structure (oratorios, cantatas for choir and orchestra only). He wrote over 200 pieces for organ or harmony.
Messa da Requiem in A flat
Composed in:1944
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Messa da Requiem in A flat, originally written for TTB (dated 8 settembre 1940), rearranged for TTBB (dated Ottobre 1944).