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Václav Boleslav Janda
1852 - 1935
Czech Republic
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V.B. Janda
Václav Boleslav Janda (20/09/1852 – 11/12/1935) was a Czech organist and composer, from Prague. He graduated from the Piarist grammar school and the organ school in Prague . In the years 1874 – 1885 , he was an organist in the churches of the Holy Trinity, Our Lady of the Snows and in the Crusaders . In 1885 he became director of the choir in the church of St. Haštala and later in the church of St. Peter na Poříčí . Finally, in 1897 , he settled in the Týn Temple , where he worked until his death in 1935 . He became famous as an organist especially at the time of the Jubilee National Exhibition in 1891 , when every Tuesday and Friday he held a concert on the organ built especially for this exhibition. He was also a sought-after piano teacher.
Composed in:1894
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem in C minor and Animas in C major.