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Michael Trotta
1978 -
United States of America | NJ
M.J. Trotta
Michael John [Michael] Trotta (1978) is an American musical composer and conductor; born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. He has appeared at Carnegie Hall three times since 2014. He was named Distinguished Composer & Conductor by Mid America Productions for the purpose of “fostering the creation, performance and growth of his music in America and Europe.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2023
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem for SATB/organ or chamber orchestra.
It contains:
01. Introit and Kyrie (5'47)
02. Dies irae (3'02)
03. Offertory et Hostias (7'03)
04. Sanctus (2'46)
05. Pie Jesu (3'12)
06. Agnus Dei (4'14)
07. Lux Aeterna (4'23)
08. Libera Me (3'01)
09. Et Mors Ultra Non Erit (2'52)
10. In Paradisum (8'32)
Requiem is a powerfully appealing and tender exploration of love and loss. Grounded in tradition while incorporating a present-day harmonic language, two Gregorian Chant motives are interwoven throughout the lush harmonies and soaring melodies. The level of difficulty is within the reach of many choirs and most orchestral players, making it an attractive choice for church or concert hall.