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Eduard Tubin
1905 - 1982
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E. Tubin
Eduard Tubin (18/06/1905 - 17/11/1982), an Estonian composer, born in Torila, Dorpat. He was a pupil of Kodály in Budapest.
Author:Theo Willemze
Requiem for fallen soldiers
Composed in:1979
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Henrik Visnapuu and Marie Under
In memory of:fallen soldiers
Label(s):BIS - BISCD297
The Estonian title: Reekviem langenud sőduritele, (ETW 25). The requiem is for mail choir, organ, mezzo-soprano, trumpet, percussion and timpani. Tubin started writing this piece in 1949-1950 and finished it in 1979. Lyrics: poems by Henrik Visnapuu (1890 - 1951), an Estonian poet, and Marie Under (1883 - 1980), a female Estonian poet.
It contains five pieces:
01. Andante
02. Allegro
03. Molto lento
04. Lento marciale
05. Largo
Author:Vardo Rumessen and Herman Ram

♫ 01. Andante
© BIS Records CD 297

♫ 02. Allegro
© BIS Records CD 297

♫ 03. Molto lento
© BIS Records CD 297

♫ 04. Lento marciale
© BIS Records CD 297

♫ 05. Largo
© BIS Records CD 297
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Henrik Visnapuu
Marie Under