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Marianna Motroni Andreozzi - Bottini
1802 - 1858
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M.Motroni Andreozzi
- Bottini
Marianna Motroni Andreozzi - Bottini (07/11/1802 - 25/01/1858), a female, Italian composer and harp teacher; born and died in Lucca. Her parents were the nobleman Sebastiano Motroni Andreozzi and his wife Eleonora Flekestein. She studied the piano and counterpoint with Domenico Quilici. In 1820 she was admitted to the Accademia Filarmonica in Bologna as ‘Maestra compositrice onoraria’ on account of a Stabat mater and a Messa da Requiem written in 1819 in memory of her mother. In 1823 she married Lorenzo Bottini, a marquis and prominent figure in Luccan political life. Most of her output dates from her early years, from the ages of 13 to 20. It includes arias, duets, romanze and other pieces composed for the refined salons of the Luccan nobility, and contrapuntal sacred works. She was the only woman to provide compositions for the traditional Luccan festival in honour of St Cecilia in 1822, 1825, 1828, 1832, 1834 and 1840.
Messa da requiem
Period:Early Romanticism
Composed in:1819
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:the composer's mother Eleonora Flekestein
Label(s):Discantica BDI 171
Messa da requiem (1819) for 4 voices and orchestra. It contains:
01. Requiem - Adagio (Soprano, Tenore, Basso, Coro) 7'29''
02. Kyrie - Adagio (Soprano, Alto, Tenore, Coro) 7'2''
03. Dies irae - Agitato (Soprano, Alto, Tenore, Coro) 5'3''
04. Liber scriptus - Andantino (Soprano, Tenore) 3'59''
05. Rex tremendae - Allegro maestoso (Coro) 2'50''
06. Recordare - Adagio (Soprano, Alto) 5'44''
07. Ingemisco - Adagio (Soprano, Coro) 1'52''
08. Qui Maria absolvisti - Adagio (Soprano, Coro) 3'24''
09. Inter oves - Allegro maestoso (Basso) 4'19''
10. Oro supplex - Adagio (Soprano, Tenore, Coro) 6' 45''
11. Amen - Allegro (Coro) 1'26''
Contributor:Pentti Ruokonen