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Rebecka Ahvenniemi
1982 -
Finland | Norway
R.S. Ahvenniemi
Rebecka Sofia [Rebecka] Ahvenniemi (04/08/1982) is a female composer and philosopher living in Norway. Most of Rebecka’s music is written score music, often combining acoustic instruments with electronic mediums. In many of her musical works, as well as research and writing, she engages in questions that concern culture and society on a larger scale. Rebecka’s music has been performed internationally in most Nordic countries, USA, Canada, and UK.
Requiem for Mimě and Other Women Who Died in Opera
Period:21st century
Composed in:2021
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass and other texts
In memory of:for Mimě and Other Women Who Died in Opera
Requiem for Mimě and Other Women Who Died in Opera contains:
01. Introit
02. Tranquil' and happy
03. How cold your hand is
04. Ogffertorium
05. Mimě's and Musetta's duet
06. Libera me
Contributor:Arye Kendi
Mimě is a protagonist in Puccini's Opera La Bohčme (1896). Four struggling bohemians – a poet, a painter, a musician and a philosopher are living together in Paris, when one freezing Christmas Eve their lives are changed forever. A girl named Mimě knocks on their door looking for a candle light, and she and Rodolfo fall in love. However, the rush of love at first sight soon gives way to something much darker – it becomes clear that Mimě is desperately ill, and that Rodolfo, in his poverty, cannot provide for her. Our bohemians try to find their way, but are soon sharply awoken to the harsh realities of life…
G. Puccini (composer
of opera La Bohčme)